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Will 5G revolutionize IoT? – is 5G all hype and how will it benefit and complement IoT

Jeremy Bennington - Corporate Solutions & Technical Strategy Lead at Spirent Communications
21 Jun 2018
10:50 - 11:20
Room B

Will 5G revolutionize IoT? – is 5G all hype and how will it benefit and complement IoT

Session Abstract:

5G promises lots of new potential which could help revolutionize IoT and its adoption. But how much of this is just hype, and what actual capabilities will 5G really be able to deliver for IoT and by when. This talk discusses the current reality of 5G and explores how, where and when it could benefit the IoT eco-system.

Jeremy Bennington

Mr. Jeremy Bennington leads Spirent’s Media & Entertainment and Transportation corporate strategies bringing communication networks, GNSS positioning, security, automation, and virtualization together to solve vital needs in each industry.   Prior to Spirent Jeremy ran a successful video analytics and test business, V-Factor, where they modeled the human video system to “watch” video quality in the world’s largest entertainment networks.   Jeremy has also held various positions at Symmetricom, now Microsemi, to create new communication network technologies for the wireless, wireline, and cable TV industries.  With roots in engineering, Jeremy leads multimillion dollar business to innovate new technologies, grow new business, and ensure customer success. 

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