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Why a Pharma-defined Software Architecture Starts with GMP : If you don’t know what GMP is, you better ask … FAST

Ed Lau, President, Phizzle
Ron Ricci, CMO, Phizzle
08 Apr 2022
13:30 - 14:00
Keynote Room

Why a Pharma-defined Software Architecture Starts with GMP : If you don’t know what GMP is, you better ask … FAST

Session Abstract:

Phizzle CMO Ron Ricci and President Ed Lau will conduct a live interview on the strategic value of building process-led technology for the pharmaceutical sector – where regulation and breakthrough innovation must align to make IoT a reality. Between the two of them, Ron and Ed have over six decades of experience creating transformative technologies during notable tenures at companies such as Cisco and Audible. Both Ron and Ed are Phizzle board members as well. Good Manufacturing Practice touches every aspect of pharmaceutical process and regulation. In order to build a viable IOT solution for this heavily monitored space, technology companies have to build software architecture that puts process and data integrity before convenience. This isn’t a simple task and these two experts will explain how an awareness of GMP makes deploying new technologies exponentially smoother at large-scale pharmaceutical companies.


Ed Lau is the Managing Director of  ICCP Venture Partners. He has over 35 years of management and technical experience in US technology businesses in various roles. Since 1982, Ed has been developing technology, managing technology firms, investing in technology start-ups, or founding technology startups. He is a serial inventor – author to 17 patents to date – and has a sharp eye for disruptive technologies. Ed was the CEO and Co-Founder of Newmoon Systems, an enterprise software company which was acquired by Tarantella, a division of Oracle. He also co-founded Audible, the pioneer and leading provider of spoken audio content on the internet which was acquired by Amazon. He was the former Chairman of TuneIn and served on the boards of FastSoft and BioImagene. Ed holds a Master of Science and Doctorate degrees from the University of California, Berkeley and a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Mathematics from New York University.

Ron Ricci joined the Phizzle board in 2019 after retiring as the leader of Cisco’s Customer Experience Centers and Global Demo Engineering Center of Excellence.  Ron is experienced in building globally scalable GTM sales strategies and programs for B2B technical buyers.  Ron also spent ten years reporting to then Cisco CEO John Chambers, helping Cisco tell its story and driving global collaboration across the company. Ron is also the President of the Board of Directors for the Bill Wilson Center, the largest provider of homelessness services to young people and families in Santa Clara County.  He is the author of two books about business and an award-winning fiction chapter book for early readers.

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