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Unleash real potential of Connected Car technology

IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference Abhay Jain
Eclipse Room

Unleash real potential of Connected Car technology

IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference - Active ScalerConnected Car is the talk of the town but as largest IoT market, it is least explored market. Most people relate the connected car with either location service, traffic or maintenance related services. The power of connected vehicle are beyond those basic use cases and application developers can develop. Innovation is waiting to happen in many markets like fleet management, location services, On demand delivery, car maintenance, On-road e-commerce, logistics and supply chain, hospitality, elderly services etc. With over a billion vehicles in the world, ability to reach to large consumers across the globe, explore large multi trillion  dollar opportunity for business eco-system and defining new business models will transform  the future of transportation industry. I will like to present real life use cases that can unleash the potential of connected car markets for IoT developers.


Abhay Jain
CEO & Co-Founder ActiveScaler Inc

A serial entrepreneur, Abhay Jain is CEO & co-founder of  ActiveScaler, which provides Real-time API and application development platform for Connected car and empowering In-Motion intelligence. ActiveScaler’s In-Motion solution is designed to transform every industries which can utilize real-time data from connected vehicles.

Over the last decade and half, Abhay has founded Jinvani Systech, a SD card testing tool and embedded software stacks for consumer applications. He was co-founder of ZeoTech software, a B2B software portal for property agents in India. His diverse enterprise IT experience includes working with VeriFone, AgreeYa Solutions, Dualcore, ARC and Newgen software.

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