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SPTIoTCoE Fireside Chat

Evelyn de Souza, Trust and Privacy Leader, Oracle Cloud
David Maher EVP and CTO intertrust
George Young, Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Technologist, for CBT
09 Apr 2022
10:45 - 11:30
Keynote Room

SPTIoTCoE Fireside Chat

Session Abstract:

There are many issues regarding Security, Privacy, and Trust for IoT, and we begin to organize them into areas of focus and priority for the community. Device providers as well as entities that operate or interact with  IoT devices need to cooperate to find ways to ensure these important properties in IoT deployments, in the systems that include them, and for the massive amounts of data they produce. In a Q&A session, we explore the challenges we face due to the differences between the emerging IoT and previous generations of the Internet, especially with respect to scale, the prevalence of hyperconnectivity, merger of the cyber and physical worlds, and new modes of human interaction. We also include a discussion on the emergence of standards that can help us all cooperate more effectively.


David Maher is EVP and CTO at Intertrust and has over 30 years of experience in secure computing. He is President of Seacert Corporation, the intertrust PKI a certificate authority for the Internet of Things and Co-chairman of the Marlin Trust Management Organization which oversees the world’s only independent digital rights management ecosystem. He was also President of WhiteCryption Corporation, a developer of application security software. Previously, Maher was chief scientist for AT&T Secure Communications Systems, Head of the Secure Systems Research Department, and security architect for AT&T’s Internet services platform. After joining Bell Labs in 1981, he developed secure communications, information vending, and e-commerce systems. He was Chief Architect for AT&T’s secure voice, data, and video products used by the White House and Department of Defense for top-secret communications. In 1992, Maher became a Bell Labs Fellow in recognition of his accomplishments in communications security. Maher holds dozens of patents in secure computing; has published numerous papers in the fields of mathematics and computer science; and has consulted with the National Science Foundation, National Security Agency, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment. Maher holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from Lehigh University. He has taught electrical engineering, mathematics, and computer science at several institutions. Maher is currently focused on the design and development of Trust management and secure systems for Smart Grids.

George Young serves as both the Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Technologist, for CB Technologies, specializing in Intelligent Edge Solutions. As a domain expert in networking and cybersecurity engineered solutions, he has a strong background in many strategic and tactical areas around data protection and safekeeping, including: access control, information security governance and risk management, cryptography, security architecture and design, operations security, business continuity/disaster recovery planning, developing/enhancing information security programs, regulations/compliance (e.g., HIPPA, CCPA, CMMC, GDPR, ISO 27000), and audit execution. George has supervised emerging technology initiatives at several start-up companies and Fortune 100 enterprises, across multiple industries – where he held senior level advisory and management positions. He presently serves as a Security Technical Ambassador for an OEM, where he develops technical certification coursework and subsequent exams. He holds a Master of Science degree from Northwestern University in Communication Systems and numerous technical certifications associated with Data Security, Privacy and Trust.

Evelyn de Souza leads privacy operations for the Oracle Cloud Applications LOB. She is focused on building in privacy versus bolting on privacy after the fact and harmonizing regulations to alleviate audit fatigue. She also serves as an advisor to several startups including Safeguard Cyber and 360ofme. She has previously served as the Co-Chair of the Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Controls Matrix and the chair of the Data Governance Group. Evelyn was named to CloudNOW’s Top 10 Women in Cloud Computing for 2014 and is the co-creator of Cloud Data Protection Cert, the industry’s first blueprint for making data protection “business-consumable”.

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