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Is AI in Healthcare a Disruption or Hype?

Sudha Jamthe, CEO, IoTDisruptions.com
02 Dec 2016
12:45 - 13:15
Destiny Room

Is AI in Healthcare a Disruption or Hype?

Session Abstract:

IoT-Slam-Virtual-Internet-of-Things-Conference iotd-logoNanobots detect and kill cancer cells inside our bodies. Medical devices such as Pacemakers, Defibrillators, Glucose and Blood Pressure Monitors are becoming Wi-FI enabled, collecting lots of data about our health. All this data is bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create insights and a layer of services disrupting Healthcare Providers, Insurance, BioTech and Pharma Companies. Is AI and Machine Intelligence of Healthcare data, edevices and Pharma ready for business impact or is it a hype? What are the factors and best practices to capitalize on this trend? Find out from case studies and analysis of the early innovators of this space and what are the challenges to win in AI in Healthcare space.


Sudha Jamthe
CEO & Author IoT Disruptions & IoT Disruptions & Stanford CSP

Sudha Jamthe is the CEO of IoT Disruptions and instructor of the Stanford CSP IoT Business Course. She is the author of “The Internet of Things Business Primer” and “IoT Disruptions 2020”,  focusing on innovations at the junction of IoT and AI.  As a technology futurist she shares her research of IoT, AI and Healthcare in Techcrunch, Huffington Post, iotdisruptions.com and hosts the ‘The IoT Show’ on YouTube. She has operationalized growth in Consumer Web, Social, Mobile at eBay, PayPal and Harcourt. Sudha loves shaping new technology ecosystems, helping businesses drive Digital Transformation, championing STEM programs and mentoring and developing leaders. She is on the Strategic Advisory Board of Barcelona Technology School. She has an MBA from Boston University.

Session Tags:

AI, Machine Learning,  Machine Intelligence, Healthcare and AI, Machine Intelligence in Healthcare

CxO, VP / Director, Middle Management, Business Line Management, Operations, Clinical, Medical

Intermediate, Beginner



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