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IoT Engineering OD

Tony Shan - Chief IoTologist
01 Dec 2016
11:20 - 11:50
Radiance Room

IoT Engineering OD

IoT Slam Virtual Internet of Things Conference wipro logo, Nitin NarkhedeIoT is complex. More than two-thirds of IoT projects will fail. How can you not be trapped? This presentation introduces IoT Engineering (IOTE), defined as the practical application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the analysis, design, construction, operations, and maintenance of IoT solutions. IOTE is a holistic engineering method focusing on 4 crucial areas: Foundation, Implementation, Lifecycle and Management (FILM). We will go through the concept and rationale of the FILM components and the subcomponents in individual areas. Then we will further zoom in to the IoT Lifecycle model to cover the elements of Definition, Modeling, Realization, DevOps, and Support in the end-to-end process. Case studies and working examples will be discussed in great details to illustrate the pragmatic use of IOTE in real-world initiatives. Best practices and lessons learned are articulated as well in the session.


Tony Shan
Chief IoTologist at Wipro

Tony Shan is a renowned visionary and thought leader incubating and nurturing interdisciplinary practice and enablement on emerging technologies like IoT, big data, cloud and smart digitization. He advises and drives large-scale innovation and transformation of most complex enterprise systems in Fortune 500 companies. He speaks and organizes in various conferences, and authored hundreds of publications. He serves an editor/advisory board of journals, chair of events, and a judge in IT competitions. He also founded several startups and user groups/forums.

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