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Best Practices and Low Cost Options for Testing Industrial IoT Concepts OD

01 Dec 2016
12:45 - 13:15
Olympus Room

Best Practices and Low Cost Options for Testing Industrial IoT Concepts OD

Session  Abstract:

autodesk_logo_detailIn this interactive session, Bryan Kester, Head of IoT Products for Autodesk, will discuss three low cost ways that customers can test a variety of IoT implementations for business value prior to investing commercially in hardware. Company executives embarking on their business transformation will learn how best to leverage these options to quickly validate assumptions and iterate accordingly.

He’ll demonstrate using device emulation tools to create real-world-like data to design and build business processes and applications and share them across the enterprise. This gives teams the chance to see right away the potential for IoT to deliver value and to promote engagement and buy in from stakeholders.

He’ll show how companies can use Artificial intelligence (A.I.) modeling engines to derive meaning from large data sets & delivers prescriptive solutions – even with existing company data – as analytics enables exceptionally accurate forecasting of performance and failure. This forecasting can become the basis for new service revenue and product upgrade opportunities.

Finally, he’ll walk through some most common customer approaches to piloting IoT – with key learnings about device selection, connectivity options, notifications and BSS integrations.

The industrial world is just now starting to understand the benefit of IoT for their business. With the right approach, companies can make significant progress towards this understanding using a few best practices. Join us to learn more!


Bryan Kester
Global Head of IoT at Autodesk

Bryan Kester is the former CEO of SeeControl, a cloud service for creating connected products recently acquired by Autodesk (and is now known as Fusion Connect). At Autodesk, he is the global Head of IoT responsible for products and services. Prior to SeeControl, Kester held a number of sales, investing and consulting roles at Vistant, Atlantes, Carefusion, Redleaf Ventures, USWeb, Organic Online and PwC. He has worked across a range of company growth phases from seed stage through IPO and has over a decade of experience in Internet of Things and M2M markets. Kester has a bachelor’s in Political Economy from the University of California, Berkeley.

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