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Securing the Intelligent Edge: Threats and Countermeasures

George Young, Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Technologist, for CBT
19 Aug 2021
14:45 - 15:15
Keynote Room

Securing the Intelligent Edge: Threats and Countermeasures


The traditional IT infrastructures of the past have evolved their edge ecosystems significantly, including but not limited to IOT, WAN, multi-cloud, and Work from Home to name a few. This creates a complex environment with its own set of risks and vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Cybercriminals consider these a prime target to infiltrate and organizations must shift vital resources to mitigate these emerging threats.


George Young serves as both the Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Technologist, for CB Technologies, specializing in Intelligent Edge Solutions. As a domain expert in networking and cybersecurity engineered solutions, he has a strong background in many strategic and tactical areas around data protection and safekeeping, including: access control, information security governance and risk management, cryptography, security architecture and design, operations security, business continuity/disaster recovery planning, developing/enhancing information security programs, regulations/compliance (e.g., HIPPA, CCPA, CMMC, GDPR, ISO 27000), and audit execution. George has supervised emerging technology initiatives at several start-up companies and Fortune 100 enterprises, across multiple industries – where he held senior level advisory and management positions. He presently serves as a Security Technical Ambassador for an OEM, where he develops technical certification coursework and subsequent exams. He holds a Master of Science degree from Northwestern University in Communication Systems and numerous technical certifications associated with Data Security, Privacy and Trust.