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Preventing Death Using Internet of Things; A Compelling Case Study on real-time IOT Applications

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Preventing Death Using Internet of Things; A Compelling Case Study on real-time IOT Applications

Session Abstract

IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference - ireca-mediaAccording to the Industrial Internet Consortium, more than 90% of the IOT economy and value lies in Industrial applications, such as – Health care, Manufacturing, Aerospace. And in those applications, we are just at a beginning phase. Have a long way to go. For many corporates, it’s a totally new concept. Some are beginning to put their IOT strategy in place. It’s only a handful companies who have actually started implementing the IOT roadmap.

The complexity is enormous. Industrial IOT use cases have unique dynamics in security, interoperability, reliability and scale. Brown field scenarios make deployments harder. That’s why to provide realistic insights into the future development and deployment of Industrial IOT use cases, exemplary case studies can provide the thought leadership.
In this presentation 2 very important aspects of the emerging IOT ecosystem are discussed.

  1. A compelling case study that sets an example as to how the top IOT deployment challenges, namely: Security, Interoperability/Open Standards and Reliability have been addressed in a real-time, mission-critical setting. And the use-case is something very dear to our lives – it is about preventing untimely death.
    This case study shows how innovation and collaborative research in Industrial IOT is fighting the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States.
  2. 2. This presentation also delves on a solution to a very daunting communication challenge that IOT presents. And as IOT stakeholders, we must overcome that to succeed.


Sravani Bhattacharjee
Founding Principal IrecaMedia

Sravani is a technical leader and the founding principal of IrecaMedia, a firm exclusively focused on technical and marketing communications for IOT and Big Data. For nearly 20 years Sravani has been creating value for businesses with her communications, technology expertise and effective delivery of enterprise products and solutions. Her core competence and passion is in communicating complex technical ideas and innovations in an engaging style that resonates with the target audience. And thus generate the desired results. She is equally comfortable in creating content that motivates engineering, marketing and business decision makers.

Sravani has a Master’s degree in Electronics Engineering and played award-winning roles in many success stories for tech. giants like Cisco, Honeywell, HCL/HP. You can trust her not only to understand your smart innovations in-depth, but also to skillfully write content that conveys their true value. As a technology leader and architect, she has been at the center stage of multi-million dollar business buying decisions and delivering solutions that stands out from the competition with a “big picture” vision and research-based, information-rich analysis. Sravani has conducted technology trainings, executive briefings and presentations for corporate leaders and carries out speaking engagements and panel discussions.

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End-User, Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise

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