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What are the possibilities that IoT holds for The Built Environment?

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What are the possibilities that IoT holds for The Built Environment?

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Manny Linhares will pose the question: What are the possibilities that IoT holds for the Built Environment?

Legrand believes the answer to that question involves the promise of connecting people, conversations and ideas to effect significant gains in efficiency, productivity, comfort and sustainability for businesses and communities. We also believe this will rely heavily on cognitive IoT.

Every device — from the light switch, to the power outlet, to AV, to window shades, and to so many more — can be better, safer, more secure and better performing with the connectivity and intelligence of IoT.

The Built Environment, however, is complex. It requires an understanding and appreciation of the many critical roles in designing and building a structure in which people live or work. Similarly, codes need to be compiled with; relationships respected; intellectual property owned; and research conducted. This complexity needs to be addressed but it needs to be taken seriously.

Our premise is that few organizations have a physical presence in almost every room of every structure just as Legrand does with its power, light and data products. Few organizations have the industrial pedigree and industry depth as Legrand does and few organizations currently sell as many connected devices into the Built Environment as Legrand does with +$350m annual sales of connected devices for the home, workplace and data center markets.

At Legrand, our innovation, background and ambition will answer the question to what is possible for IoT in the Built Environment, and through that exploration help make the world you live in more connected, efficient, productive, comfortable and sustainable.


Manny Linhares
Director of Strategy, IoT at Legrand North America

Manny Linhares is Director of Strategy, IoT, for Legrand North America. In this role he oversees all elements of the company’s efforts to design and develop connected products for power, light and data applications in commercial and residential markets. Prior to this role, Linhares led strategy for Legrand’s Data Communications Division, focused on the data center & building network market.

Linhares has also held positions with Eaton Corporation and Schneider Electronics managing R&D, applications engineering, project management and sustainability initiatives.

He holds an MBA from the University of Rhode Island.

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