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Platforms for “Everything” – how NOT to get lost with your next IoT project

Ihor Starepravo, VP Delivery at Intellias
21 Jun 2019
16:25 - 16:55
Room B

Platforms for “Everything” – how NOT to get lost with your next IoT project

Session Abstract:

For IT professionals, building IoT solutions is a tough challenge: usually, customers confuse the term itself and ask for the development without a clear understanding of the outcome. In such cases, creating an IoT platform is absurd, though many try and fail, as a result. In my speech, I will guide you through the practical approach to applying IoT solutions from the development process to business analysis standpoints. Anyone planning the IoT project in the next 3-6 months can bring a questionnaire back home, doubling its chances to become successful.


Ihor Starepravo, is a highly motivated leader in the software engineering space with hands-on experience in building multinational, global delivery organizations for large enterprise clients and strong awareness of technologies and global IT trends. Ihor brings advanced tech solutions and IoT innovations to businesses of all sizes, including both startups and Fortune 500 companies. Regular speaker at Autonomous Driving and Future Mobility 2019, IT Arena, Data Science UA Conference, AI Ukraine.

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