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Optimizing Efficiency: The Role of Smart Metering with Analytics

Tanja Lewit, President at Alternate E Source
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Optimizing Efficiency: The Role of Smart Metering with Analytics

Session Abstract:

Recent focus has been in assisting critical facilities to roadmap scalable steps to updating and providing better management tools to assist in optimizing. Sustainability and energy cost reduction has been adopted and energy initiatives and mandates have enterprises exploring better ways of managing power consumption.

Smart IOT technologies offer an easy way to provide “connection” to where there are gaps in information. Some of these facilities are older with measuring equipment that is not accurate. The existing BMS does provides data, but it is not necessarily what the data center team requires.

The new power view IOT Analyzer

Thanks to a different way of identifying power, comparing the evolution of two devices over time or comparing the consumption objectives of two different locations are no longer uncomfortable discussion topics. The new IOT family of electrical measuring devices is designed for professional use. They have been engineered with utmost ease of installation in mind, requiring no tools and no need to switch off or disconnect wiring.
The devices collate consumption data and transfer them automatically and wirelessly to the Internet via Wi-Fi, NB-IoT (SIM card) or Ethernet, depending on the model. These products are compatible with included platforms where the data can be viewed for website or the mobile app.

By building a database from the base of consumption and current curve profiles, we can use
We can now provide transparency by showing consumption in real time, viewable on your mobile phone through monthly reports.

Many investments have been made in software to collect the buckets, and many have lived with the ability to derive data from support systems. And the data is s reliable as the systems feeding it. Software defined on its own is only as good as the information ingested. DCIM is considered to be an answer here.

We are able to leverage Internet to speak to devices and as we use mobile technology and apps to query and process.

Sensors come into play, and now I am educating the audience to how we can manage and analyze our energy consumption, secure our critical equipment rooms, monitoring, log and alert to remote locations on important and critical events. We can visually view and open a room door from my phone. I can know what my power consumption is, and alert to my phone on a voltage fluctuation. SCADA is me and my mobile device.
And today’s metering: both AC and DC, we utilize small sensor devices to read, and manage power down at the branch levels. Today’s metering can be read from “smart’ meters that communicate on the network level, and provide alerts on power fluctuations, and offer management possibilities via “platforms” like never before


Tanja Lewit
President at Alternate E Source

In 2010 Tanja has taken her passion for new technology – forming Alternate E Source; a company providing efficiency and monitoring solutions to the Data Center space: Infrastructure and DR solutions, virtual Cloud and physical server management, Data Center power management.
Introduced in Oct 2013 web based IoT smart systems and metering to cloud applications which include environmental monitoring, physical security and network surveillance for IT Server Rooms, remote equipment status and risk mitigation. A DCEP specialist with a focus on efficiency and security; Tanja has spoken at numerous leadership forums on utilizing smart technologies for various applications, and is an active member of several industry organizations, including AEE, AFCOM, AFE, IEEE, and local Tech Councils in NY/NJ.
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