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Keynote: Progressing IoT Projects from Ideation to Realization and Implementation

Charlie Stack, Chief Technologist (CT) for Operational Technology, CBT
24 Jun 2021
14:45 - 15:15
Keynote Room (In-Person Delivery)

Keynote: Progressing IoT Projects from Ideation to Realization and Implementation


The secret to fully understanding and embracing IoT and OT convergence is maintaining a vision while engaging in the connectivity necessary to accomplish the dream, or making the impossible possible. This is how innovation leads to realization and implementation. In this session, we will explore two examples demonstrating how maintaining the vision can lead to some real success stories. Process optimization/anomaly detection is one method to optimize IoT/OT convergence using MLOps and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Connected Worker is a great example of how IoT/OT convergence is being utilized to enhance people safety, ability and efficiency in the world across a plethora of human endeavor activities. In this talk, we will look at both these areas in some detail and see how the dream is reality today and the art of the impossible is becoming possible yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Charlie Stack is CBT’s Chief Technologist (CT) for Operational Technology bringing years of experience in operational roles across many industrial settings. Some of his previous experience includes Plant Manager, Director Engineering, Operations and Maintenance Manager, Engineer, Adjunct Professor, and Elementary School Teacher. Charlie’s extensive knowledge goes deep within Process Optimization, Engineering, Operations, Risk, Logistics, PSM, MI, and Six Sigma. Charlie considers his role as CT at CBT to be a privilege being somewhat of a leader, listener and coach. A fun fact about Charlie: his most cherished and fun job experience was teaching elementary school to first and second grade blind and deaf children!