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IoT Security Focus: A New Class of Security Exploits

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IoT Security Focus: A New Class of Security Exploits

IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference -Geisel SoftwareIn 1971, John Draper found a security vulnerability in the phone system that enabled free long-distance phone calls with a toy whistle. Fast forward half a century and the current Internet of Things ecosystem is not unlike the early phone system – unanticipated vulnerabilities are cropping up everywhere.

In order to create new technology, you must now also foresee the vulnerable attack vectors. AT&T never thought of a Captain Crunch toy whistle as an attack vector to their entire long-distance network! Without this crucial understanding of today’s IoT security exploits, history is bound to repeat itself.

It seems like the news is documenting new IoT security issues every day. Earlier this year, Wired published an article about two white hat hackers who remotely disabled a Jeep Cherokee that was going 70 mph on the highway. In September, Apple confirmed that hackers had penetrated about 40 apps in the App Store with malicious code. Each of these breaches was significant because of what and how they were vulnerable. The hacks were complex, but the concepts themselves are simple.

With so many innovations pouring into IoT devices so rapidly, the exploits are springing up just as quickly. Thankfully, principles of good security still apply and provide a clean path to a safe and secure IoT product. With a firm understanding of the threats, you will be able to easily apply these principles to your own products, increasing security and your ability to innovate.

In this presentation, we’ll cover:

  • Common patterns that hackers are using to breach IoT devices.
  • The uniqueness of IoT hacks and how they differ from typical breaches.
  • How to identify the critical vulnerabilities of tomorrow.
  • How to assess your own product’s security weaknesses.
  • Reliable methods to isolate and close open exploit vectors.

Working with numerous clients as they build out their IoT portfolios has shed light on many common security infractions across the industry. Using concrete examples like the Jeep and Apple exploits, we’ll explore some of the specifics of the technology that made this category of breaches possible. These and similar vulnerabilities are becoming more and more common. Come find out how to identify IoT exploits for yourself and keep your company out of the news.


Brian Geisel
CEO of Geisel Software

Brian Geisel is the CEO and founder of Geisel Software, a leading Internet of Things development company that focuses on the IoT Confluence: Embedded, Web and Mobile Software. By working with some of the most innovative hardware, software and security companies, Brian has quietly influenced the design decisions in many of the devices hitting the market today.

A former radio host, Brian thrives on delivering relevant, powerful messages to audiences everywhere. With his diverse technical background and aptitude for speaking, he is known for his ability to simplify complex topics and present them in a way that is insightful, potent, and easily understood. He regularly speaks on a wide range of topics, from SaaS, to Software Hiring Practices to Security.

Brian is also a prolific blogger and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Minyanville.com, StackOverflow, and other major outlets.

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