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IoT in Our Modern Water Cycle

Tyson Echentile, Global manager for IoT partner and business development, SAS
Dr. Mufeed Odeh, Water & Sustainability Strategic Advisor, SAS
Jennifer Robinson, Director of Local Government Solutions, SAS
08 Apr 2022
10:00 - 10:35
Keynote Hall

IoT in Our Modern Water Cycle

Session Abstract:

SASWater is vital to life and plays a critical role in our health, living conditions, agriculture, recreation, and economy. Proper management of water resources promotes economic growth and environmental sustainability. However, our communities are increasingly challenged to protect water bodies, provide adequate and safe potable water, and address flooding and drought.

This moderated panel of three experts will discuss the protection of our natural resources, the production and delivery of consumable water, and the prediction and prevention of flooding. Each panelist will briefly present the current issues our communities face and explain how analytics are being employed to inform the business of managing natural resources, water production, and flooding.

Following the presentations, the moderator and panelists will discuss how sensors and other IoT technologies are empowering greater analytics and insights. In discussing IoT opportunities and the impediments to progress, the following areas will be covered:
• Groundwater quality
• Environmental protection
• Potable water quality
• Energy efficiency
• Process optimization
• Predictive Asset Maintenance
• Leak detection
• Collection optimization
• Non-Revenue water
• Wastewater quality measurement
• Flood prediction


Jennifer Robinson, helps governments use analytics to be more efficient and serve their citizens more effectively. Her work at SAS, the global leader in data analytics, is enriched by her decades of service as an elected official for the Town of Cary, North Carolina. In both her professional life and her public service, Jennifer advocates for the use of emerging technologies to improve government services and infrastructure. She is joined by three experts in analyzing water data.

Dr. Mufeed Odeh is SAS’s Water & Sustainability Strategic Advisor and subject matter expert. Prior to SAS, he restructured and managed the Water & Power Research Center for Abu Dhabi Government, worked as the Head Hydraulic Engineer at the US Geological Survey’s Research Center in Massachusetts, and was the Environment & Sustainability Adviser for Qatar Aluminum smelter during its design, construction, and full operation. He is recipient of the prestigious “Coastal America Partnership Award” from the United States Vice President’s office and the “Federal Engineer of the Year” from the United States National Society of Professional Engineers. He received his Ph.D. from Utah State University in Civil & Environmental Engineering.

Tyson Echentile is global manager for IoT partner and business development within the IoT Division at SAS. He works with SAS partners to explore the vast data generated by the Internet of Things and collaborates with partners to build and deploy IoT solutions that solve real-life problems across a wide variety of industries including government, manufacturing, agriculture, and energy, and utilities. One of his recent IoT ecosystem collaborations is focused on solving the World’s most frequent and challenging natural disasters, flooding. With strategic partners such as Microsoft and Semtech, Tyson has helped develop a real-time flood prediction solution powered by IoT technologies and advanced analytics that help improve situational awareness around the globe.


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