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IoT Concepts for Infrastructure -Securing Modular Buildings

Tanja Lewit, President at Alternate E Source
21 Jun 2019
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IoT Concepts for Infrastructure -Securing Modular Buildings

Session Abstract:

The ever-expanding Network edge is growing exponentially. Data Center large hyperscale is growing and continuing. The 5 largest footprints of compute equipment, AWS, Google, FaceBook, Microsoft, Apple, outweigh the myriads of others and there are many wholesale colocation sites, and with cloud computing growing and big data flowing there are needs for more connectivity in remote locations

Modular builds are growing
The Global Modular Data Center Market is valued at USD 11.45 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach a value of USD 73.90 billion by the end of 2022.
Modular data centers are new “buildings in block solutions” that consist of standardized sections or units that facilitate the physical build out of IT infrastructure. As the market for process servers, storage and network equipment has grown, end users across a broad spectrum of vertical markets have been exploring ways to find more effective methods to install and manage data center equipment. Modular data center solutions represent one approach that offers quick installations of needed network infrastructure. The growing “cloud’ means more servers. The growing IoT world of devices means more applications to the cloud. And the coming of 5G means more modular small sites yet to be built.

New IoT Implementations
Smart Building technologies offer the same “block” concept and provide easy management of the modular or small cell site easily, cost effectively, and can offer enhanced security. Clients can efficiently manage all systems through a series of multi-sensors that act as “Fitbits” for servers and continuously monitor their health. These small yet expensive construction building operate 7x24x365. Securing these buildings with physical access control incorporating IP Cameras enables remote view at any time. Utilizing smart blocks allows for unique integrations for example, video on every opening and closing door, remote camera views at any time, remote camera action triggered by alerts , to get ‘eyes on’ the situation immediately. UPS, battery, generator, transfer switch, fire alarm devices and within its own one system including thermals, power conditions, security, all events. Continuous monitoring with small intelligent devices, equipped with a trigger for alert and delivering the view to you real-time. ALL devices react and message via email, SMS, and SNMP direct to operations teams.NO software required. Utilizing this technology is extremely cost effective both from a risk management perspective and managed service perspective. This is now a proven solution, not just a concept in practice.


Tanja Lewit- is founding member of PC&S Inc, a company that manufactures and Supplies Electrical Equipment for the Measurement and Control of Power. Tanja served as a Principal since 1992. Under her leadership the company has seen consistent, profitable and sustainable growth by specializing in Power Measurement and AC and DC Control Systems. PC&S has partnered with customers to design, develop, manufacture and distribute Instrumentation Solutions for industries including US Military, Power Generation Manufacturers, Industrial Equipment, Transit Systems and Data Center Infrastructure. In 2010 Tanja has taken her passion for new technology – forming Alternate E Source ; a company providing solutions to the Data Center space. Converged Infrastructure and DR solutions, Virtual Cloud and Physical Server management, Data Center Power Management. Introduced in Oct 2013 – new product release and formation Kentix US: Environmental Monitoring and Physical Security for IT Server Rooms and Equipment protection, IoT technology that reports with phone app, for increased security of physical environment, power, network and more.

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