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IoT Community Diamond Member Panel – Advancing IoT Through Consultancy – Listen, Listen, Listen

Bryan Saunders, Head of Industry Consulting for SAS IoT
Tom Bradicich, PhD, Tom Bradicich, PhD VP & Hewlett Packard Fellow, Global Head, IoT and Edge CoE & Labs, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Tom Bradicich, PhD VP & Hewlett Packard Fellow Global Head, IoT and Edge Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Chairman of IoT Community Advisory Board
Chris Sullivan - Healthcare Practice Lead at Zebra, Chair of the Healthcare IoT Advisory Board
24 Jun 2021
09:15 - 10:00
Keynote Room (Virtual Delivery)

IoT Community Diamond Member Panel – Advancing IoT Through Consultancy – Listen, Listen, Listen


“IoT technology solutions can be characterized by three PC’s: perpetual connectivity, pervasive computing, and precision control”, say Dr. Tom Bradicich. Hence IoT solutions are among the most complex in any industry. Consultancy, professional or casual, is a key tool for sorting through the complexities of IoT and ensuring business and societal benefits are enjoyed by customers. The top attribute of consultancy is “listening” to the customer. Bryan Saunders of SAS, and Chris Sullivan of Zebra Technologies engage regularly as consultants in the domain of IoT. Along with Dr Tom, they’ll share real world experiences with how “listening” has been the key to successful IoT deployments and maximizing ROI. Customers and end users will benefit from this panel discussion, as the panel will share tips and techniques collected over hundreds of successful customer engagements, on how customers can get the most out of a supplier consultations.


SASBryan Saunders is certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Mechanical Engineer with over 20 years of industry experience in the manufacturing, utilities and transportation industries. Currently, Bryan is Head of Industry Consulting for SAS Institute’s IoT Division, where he provides thought leadership and industry expertise to drive advanced analytic solutions across industry in support of the Internet of Things. Bryan helps customers uncover value and drive improved business outcomes from the growing volume of connected devices, with a specialized focus on improved service delivery, asset utilization, equipment reliability and overall product quality. Prior to joining SAS, Bryan worked for the General Electric Company in a variety of roles supporting manufacturing and quality solutions, where he developed deep domain experience in equipment condition monitoring and reliability, supporting remote service delivery for the electric utility market.

ZebraChris Sullivan is the Global Healthcare Practice Lead for Zebra Technologies. With an acute understanding of the needs of patients and their caregivers coupled with robust technical knowledge of healthcare operations, Chris balances the personal and professional needs of the industry to create an inspirational point of view on healthcare technology. He is an advocate for the role technology plays in improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of patient care, and for the value of learning from best practices from around the world to improve healthcare globally.

Dr. Tom Bradicich is VP, Hewlett Packard Fellow. Beginning his career at IBM, Tom was an IBM Fellow, VP, Distinguished Engineer, and Server CTO. Prior to HP and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Tom was an NI Fellow at National Instruments, an Operational Technologies (OT) company. HP / Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE):
Tom is currently Vice President, Hewlett Packard Fellow, and Global Head of Edge and IoT Labs & CoE, at HPE. He and his team develop and commercialize advanced as-a-Service (aaS) software and technologies, focusing on cloud managed remote infrastructure, edge-as-a-service, and converged IT/Operational Technologies (OT). Tom incepted and directs the HPE Channel-to-Edge Institute partner program, and leads company-wide strategies and venture/M&A assessments.