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How the Internet of Things can help service the customer better in Healthcare

How the Internet of Things can help service the customer better in Healthcare

Session Abstract: Virtual Only

In the current scenario of how the technology adds value to the business, and hence the customer, speaker examines how the Iot (Internet of Things) benefits the customer. It will examine the scenarios of different devices that are available to the customer access in various situations, how they can record different events and help develop the total picture and help in providing total / better solution than, if such devices were not available.


Gurudeva B Kalledevarpurada
Former Kaiser Permanente – IT

IT Professional with 20+ yrs experience in IT. Worked in USA for 10+ yrs and in India for 8+ yrs. Has 10+ yrs experience working in Healthcare, Financial Services domain. Worked for major healthcare provider in USA for 7+ yrs. Has worked in various technologies IBM Mainframes, 4 GL Tools Cool Gen, Java, J2EE, Web Services, ESB, Cloud Computing, architected solutions in various technology domains. Worked in both Development, Infra Administration, Management, Strategy roles.

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End-User, Government, Enterprise

Cloud, Mobile, Infrastructure, IoT

CxO, VP / Director, Middle Management, Technical, Business Line Management, Operations




Retail, Telecom, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Government / Public Sector

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IoT Slam Internet of Things Conference

IoT Slam Internet of Things Conference