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Business Disruptions with Algorithms, Drones and Robots

Sudha Jamthe, CEO, IoTDisruptions.com
28 Apr 2016
16:05 - 16:35
Olympus Room

Business Disruptions with Algorithms, Drones and Robots

Session Abstract:

IoT-Slam-Virtual-Internet-of-Things-Conference iotd-logoWe are entering the Automation Economy where Internet of Things is going past things to automate our world. Self Driving cars will take us around in a world where nanobots inside our body monitor our vitals and kill harmful pathogens, drones take care of transportation in difficult terrains, Robots build machines in factories and AI personal assistants help us with managing our time, travel and shopping.

Come learn from this session about how Machine Learning and Deep Learning are propelling businesses forward creating competitive advantage and increasing customer trust. What can you do to survive, manage and capitalize on this for various verticals such as Healthcare, Automotive, Manufacturing, Retail and Travel.

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Sudha Jamthe
CEO “IoT Disruptions” & Author and Stanford Instructor of “The Internet of Things Business Primer”

Sudha Jamthe is a globally recognized entrepreneurial mobile product leader with 20+ years experience building Consumer Mobile and eCommerce Products. Sudha loves shaping new technology ecosystems and helping businesses drive Digital Business Transformations.

She is the author of two IoT books ‘IoT Disruptions’ and “The Internet of Things Business Primer’ and teaches the first IoT Business course at Stanford Continuing Ed School. Sudha is a champion for STEM programs and Girls Who Code and hosts mentor programs for kids at Devcamps and Hackathons.

She has been a venture mentor at MIT and Director at Bay Area Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ Meetups. She also actively contributes to TechCrunch, Mashable, GigaOm and Venturebeat as a respected technology futurist. She is an advisor for Blockchain University and Barcelona Technology School.

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End-User, Government, Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise, OEM

Artificial Intelligence, Drones, Autonomous Machines, Mobile, IoT, IoT Business Applictions, IoT Disruptions, The Internet of Things Business Primer, IoT and AI

CxO, VP / Director, Middle Management, Technical, Business Line Management

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Retail, Manufacturing, Industrials, Healthcare, Consumer, Pharmaceutical / BioTech, Automotive

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IoT Slam Virtual Internet of Things Conference

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