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Innovations in Personalizing Healthcare Benefits, Reducing Costs and Predicting Lifetime Healthcare Costs

SR Vice President of Client Solutions & Marketing at DZee Solutions, Inc.
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Innovations in Personalizing Healthcare Benefits, Reducing Costs and Predicting Lifetime Healthcare Costs

Session Abstract:

New decision support analytics models for healthcare are revolutionizing accuracy, depth and the personalization of information. These innovative models can: project people’s lifetime healthcare costs; select the optimal healthcare plans for their personalized care needs; and validate if wellness programs are providing good value and improving health. As healthcare budget pressures continue to grow, employers will increasingly want validations that their healthcare plan designs and wellness initiatives are improving the health outcomes of participants and controlling costs.
Healthcare cost projections and healthcare plan recommendations can be more accurately predicted when an individual’s underlying health status and claims history is known and integrated into future projections. A person’s claims history alone is an imperfect predictor of future healthcare costs because of the imperfect choices people make when dealing with personal health and well-being issues. There can be significant gaps between the care that was received versus the care that was truly needed.
Having an improved understanding of a person’s underlying state-of-health is essential because health status is known to fluctuate and change over time and can do so without medical claims occurring. DZee correlates and maps an individual’s health profile with population health data. In turn, this allows for the further distinguishing and personalizing of a health profile, and to be able to model how health will evolve over short, mid and long-term time periods. This knowledge will improve the understanding of one’s health status, promote better plan selection and care decisions, and validate that health improvements and cost savings are occurring.


Mark Tanning
SR Vice President of Client Solutions & Marketing at DZee Solutions, Inc.

Mark Tanning has over 30 years of Human Resources senior leadership experience in a wide array of industries and countries. Mark has been a senior HR leader at Microsoft Corporation, University of Minnesota Health, H. B. Fuller Company, Glidden Latin America, and Minnesota International Medicine. Mark has over 25 years of experience as the primary decision maker for employee healthcare plans and for providing benefits to large and diverse workforces. Mark’s background also includes extensive international experience and he has held corporate HR leadership positions in 40 countries. Currently Mark is the Senior VP of Client Solutions and Marketing for DZee Healthcare Solutions, an analytics and decision support healthcare technology company located in Denver. Mark’s role is to design and support healthcare product offerings that solve key client benefitting issues and opportunities, and while fully leveraging the capabilities of advanced technology.

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