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Industry Evolution to an Autonomous Future

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Industry Evolution to an Autonomous Future

Industry Evolution to an Autonomous Future

Session Abstract:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things are helping companies make the factory of the future a reality harnessing the power of machine vision, virtualization, connected devices and real-time insights. Companies hoping to achieve this Industry 4.0 level of manufacturing operation must address some important issues

(1) how to build data driven thinking within the workforce;
(2) how to identify goals for AI and then link these to the compute architecture; and
(3) how to move from concept to execution.

The challenge is a system of systems problem. It involves people, processes and technologies and no single vector will be sufficient for success. The evolution of the IOT market is driving a new way of computing, and helping companies overcome key challenges to enable a connected, smart and autonomous future.


Christine Boles
Vice President, IOTG Group and General Manager, industrial Division at Intel Corporation

Christine is a vice president in the Internet of Things Group (IOTG) and general manager of Intel’s Industrial Solutions Division. Her organization is responsible for Intel’s Industrial IOT business within the manufacturing, energy, logistics and commercial building segments, including the product and ecosystem strategies for this rapidly evolving space.

Boles joined Intel in 1992 as an application engineer for 16 bit microcontrollers. For 25 years, she has led development, delivery and the enabling of customers and ecosystems for Intel based solutions in many managerial roles. These solutions span a broad range of embedded and internet of things applications across many industries, including communications, storage, retail, imaging and commercial buildings.

Boles holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from University of Cincinnati and an MBA from Arizona State University.

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