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How IT and OT Converge, with Some IoT for Good Measure

Steve Jordahl, Chief Technologist, Hybrid IT, CBT
08 Apr 2022
15:45 - 16:15
Keynote Room

How IT and OT Converge, with Some IoT for Good Measure

Session Abstract:

Why is IT/OT convergence a “thing”?  We’re part of the same company, shouldn’t we be able to work together?

Get an understanding of:

  • why IT and OT are oil and water
  • how to bridge the gap and converge technologies to increase yield, efficiency and productivity
  • what this means for IoT and IIoT in practice


Steve Jordahl has been working with the virtualization and automation of open systems since the early 90’s. During that time, he has held engineering, development and management positions in the aerospace, consulting, service provider, mortgage, software and storage industries. With respect to virtualization, he has deployed virtual architectures in some of the nation’s largest companies, which in turn draws on proper storage, networking and management architectures. He has also invented a cloud storage technology that eliminates bottlenecks in traditional storage architectures and offers granular functionalities to cloud providers. In early 2014, Steve joined CBT as they embarked on a journey to pivot from a Value-Added Reseller to Systems Integrator, and eventually to Domain Expert Integrator. He led the charge in creating CBT’s initial branded solutions, including cloud services and extended offerings from their ecosystem of industry-leading partners.

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