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Health Networks and Real-Time Health Systems – Powered (or Enabled?) by IOT

John Gresham - Senior Vice President, Health Network & Real-Time Health System, Cerner
20 Jun 2019
16:15 - 16:45
Keynote Room

Health Networks and Real-Time Health Systems – Powered (or Enabled?) by IOT

Session Abstract:

cerner_logoThe intense pressure for health delivery organizations to reduce costs and inefficiencies yet still provide the same or better outcomes for patients, families, and populations continues to drive much of the strategic priorities set by their executive teams.  Reducing costs alone, however, will not ensure their success; health systems must grow and diversify their revenue to support their strategic mission for health and care.  Innovation is the new word for strategy, and planning for “the next” must leverage the healthcare IOT ecosystem.  This keynote will describe how planning for a real-time health system – as part of an intelligent health network – will allow HDOs to transform and thrive.  A health system of the future extends beyond the traditional bricks-and-mortar hospital system or ambulatory clinic settings, meeting patients and families within their communities.  Health systems must also support the mobility and knowledge needs of their clinical workforce as part of the IOT ecosystem.  Much like physicians and clinicians must perform an assessment and formulate a plan, this session will underscore the critical need for healthcare leaders to assess and plan for digital and business transformation using intelligent health networks.


John joined Cerner in 1999 and over his 20-year career has held various technology, consulting, business development and executive management positions.  His focus is to drive emerging growth markets, with a focus on health networks and real-time health system. Key Cerner business markets include enterprise security, virtual health, data transaction services, care-team communications, & health system operations. Additionally, John plays an active role in new and emerging strategic partnerships that deal with complex platform economics & emerging business models

Health Networks’ goal is to assist health systems to increase their operational efficiency for their acute venues of care while better managing transitions of care across their clinically integrated network as they shift to value-based care.   John is a thought leader on topics including data interoperability, real-time data insights and emerging communication capabilities to drive improved clinical outcomes and provider experiences.

John helped create and grow Cerner’s device connectivity and communications platform called CareAware, which serves as the Internet of things platform for Cerner.  John previously led Cerner’s interoperability and device Integration business and has led strategic partnership alignments with leading healthcare IT companies including Nuance, Apple, Imprivata, EMC.   This has evolved more recently into the creation of Cerner’s Open Developer Ecosystem (code) and Cerner’s CareAware validation program representing over 100 new validated third-party relationships

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