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Getting the value out of Data streams

Eddie Satterly, Co-Founder at DataNexus
21 Jun 2018
16:00 - 16:30
Room A

Getting the value out of Data streams

Session Abstract:

This session will focus on the need to pull data from several sources to see the customer value promised form the IoT world. We will talk on two specific client use cases that deal with connected cars and connected security devices and how that data is merged with transactional (SQL) relational data to provide premium customer experience, lower cost and less overhead. We will talk about the various open source components if the solution and why each piece plays a critical role in a successful customer view project. We will also discuss the need for end to end security to protect customer data and filtering for key compliance targets. The net result was $M savings, better customer retention and a better product offering with cross sell opportunity.


Eddie Satterly
Co-Founder at DataNexus

Mr. Satterly has served in a variety of roles including developer, engineer, architect and CTO over his 27+ year career for startups to Fortune 500 companies. At DataNexus he is building a new data application to serve the needs of pulling data from databases and devices in near real-time and combining them for new value. Previously he served as the CTO of the Emerging Technologies Group where he oversaw the product technology portfolio as well as the R&D teams in: Cyber, Analytics, Cloud, Social/Mobile & IoT. Prior to that he was in the Office of the CTO at Splunk where he presented at 46 events globally and worked with clients to set data strategy. Just prior to that he was able to revolutionize the way Expedia delivers their core web applications that resulted in improved user experience using highly scalable data environments. Mr Satterly has a BS in Computer Science and Informatics from Indiana University.

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