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Is Gartner’s “Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing” (HTAP) the key to IOT?

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Is Gartner’s “Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing” (HTAP) the key to IOT?

Session Abstract:

We all thought we learned all the vocabulary we needed in school, but in the past months Gartner and then Forrester gave us new names for what happens when AI and Big Data based systems need to do real-time decisioning on streaming and transactional data. Garter calls this HTAP (Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing) and Forrester calls it Translitical. Some people just called it “intelligent” because we already knew that word.

These intelligent decisions applications are hybrids of transactional and analytical processing that need to touch single digit millisecond latencies. As a result of being able to achieve this type of performance, we empower business leaders to innovate via greater situational awareness and improved business agility. When business moments are transient opportunities to be exploited in real time, HTAP allows advanced analytics to be run in real-time on “in flight” data, providing an architecture that empowers effective response to business moments.

In this session, Kevin will explain the advantages of HTAP/Translitical architectures. He will show code samples and techniques for the fastest and easiest way to build these applications while providing performance, scale, and business agility.


Kevin Goldstein
Principal Architect at NEEVE RESEARCH

A Principle Architect and low latency developer with over 17 years of experience in building high performance enterprise applications and trading systems. Kevin specializes in the low latency, messaging and algorithmic arena of trading, and has experience with front, middle and back office systems.

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Government, Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise

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