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From Things to Value – How enterprises will win the race in the 4th Industrial Revolution

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From Things to Value – How enterprises will win the race in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Session Abstract:

Europe’s small and medium sized enterprises seem to be well prepared for the future on the first glance. However, looking into current trends like internet of things (IoT) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) a differentiated picture emerges. A generally low degree of digitalization, combined with the complexity and proclamation of all-embracing approaches, such as “Industry 4.0” (a fancy term for factories of the future, touted everywhere across Europe) aids to a paralysis of the companies instead of progressive innovation. The case study would present one of the rarer cases, where an IoT / AI innovation project conducted by an ME (Meier Tobler AG) transformed their business model successfully and sustainable. The insights from this case study can help other companies to engage in new opportunities by conducting IoT projects timely and with manageable risks. We identify (1) a strong cooperation with a technology provider in the role of a business partner and (2) the availability of vertically integrated platforms that allow companies to rapidly prototype and create minimum viable products as key prerequisites to successful IoT innovation. What did we do: we made Heat-Pumps smart by using an IoT Gateway with SIM Connectivity. We are transfering 50+ sensor values in realtime from the PLC to the IoT Cloud hosted by Swisscom. We use IoT Analytics to visualize and predict failures. We integrate results from IoT Analytics into SAP ERP to optimize the value chain. We enable the “Remote Service Technician” to Access every Heat-Pump through VPN solution on the IoT Gateway. As of today appr. 1000 Heat-Pumps are connected. The installation of the IoT-Gateway takes 5 minutes because of a Plug-and Play philosophy


Ralf Guenthner
Value of Technology Enthusiast & Digital Transformer at cencerus (Schweiz) AG

My mission: building the bridge between Technology (IoT, AI, Blockchain), Organizations (Holacracy, Sociocracy, Scrum) and People (Culture and Mindset Change). Experienced Leader and Executive Advisor with a demonstrated history of working in Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering and in the Services Industry. Experienced in Digital Transformation especially in the area of Industrial IoT / Industry 4.0, Business Process Engineering, Enterprise Software (SAP) and IT Strategy. Very strong consulting professional with a Master focused in Mechanical Engineering from KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Coaching & Business Transformation from ZHAW Zurch University of Applied Sciences.

My roles: Senior Partner at TEAM-FACTORY and Co-Founder of Cencerus (Schweiz) AG

My profile: www.linkedin.com/in/ralf-guenthner

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Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise

IoT, AI, Cloud, End-to-End-Solution, Value of IoT

CxO, VP / Director, Middle Management, Technical, Business Line Management, Operations

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Retail, Manufacturing, Industrials, Healthcare, Government / Public Sector, Pharmaceutical / BioTech, Automotive

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