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Enabling IoT with Pervasive Connectivity

René Schmitz, Sr. Director Product Management IOT Platform and Strategy, Oracle Communications
08 Apr 2022
10:45 - 11:15
Keynote Room

Enabling IoT with Pervasive Connectivity

Session Abstract:

As various industries embark on IoT initiatives, successful companies have discovered the necessity of integrating connectivity end-to-end (device to cloud) rather than as an adjunct capability. They view connectivity as an integral part of the data journey and manage both through business-driven policy. Join Oracle to learn how use cases in industries like construction ― with connected workers, devices, buildings, and logistics ― demonstrate the benefits of pervasive connectivity.


As Sr. Director Product Management & Strategy, IoT, René Schmitz leads product development with a focus on the vertical IoT industry engagements across Oracle’s Global Business Units. René’s career spans over 20 years across both large enterprises and start-up environments. Prior to joining Oracle, he led Vodafone’s IoT Americas technology team, as VP of IoT Technology at Vodafone US Inc.. In this role, he managed Vodafone’s strategic technology relationships in Silicon Valley, driving digital transformation through rapid prototyping to solve customer problems, and led IoT product development and delivery for the Americas region. Prior to moving to the US, René was based in Europe with the Vodafone Group Consumer services team, where he led global outsourcing/offshoring transformation activities and developed and delivered consumer services for Vodafone’s 27 markets. René holds a degree in economics, business management and computer science from FOM University in Germany.

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