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Developing a Connected Car application

Developing a Connected Car application

IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference PivotalWe are entering the era of Internet of Things. Are you prepared to tap into the Tsunami of data that will be spewed by devices around you.

This session will describe my journey developing an application to view the data from a car. The application is written in Spring Boot and deployed on Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Demo of the application showing data from the car.


Sharath Sahadevan
Senior Field Engineer at Pivotal
Sharath Sahadevan is a Senior Field Engineer with Pivotal. He lives in St Louis. He enjoys playing tennis, Chess and spending time with his family. He has developed an application to analyze stocks -http://analyze-stock.appspot.com/.

Phil Berman
Senior Field Engineer at Pivotal
Phil Berman is a Field Engineer at Pivotal, supporting customers working with Cloud Foundry, the Pivotal Big Data Suite, and Pivotal Labs agile development services. As co-creator of the Connected Car demo, Phil helped bring together all aspects of the Pivotal platform to demonstrate the power that can be unleashed when the Pivotal IoT vision is realized. Phil has a passion for building software, working with teams with diverse skill sets, and helping customers leverage software to increase revenue and gain operational efficiencies.

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End-User, Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise

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