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Data security concerns in implementing IoT and Big Data technologies in manufacturing

21 Jun 2017
14:55 - 15:20
Room B

Data security concerns in implementing IoT and Big Data technologies in manufacturing

Session Abstract:

IoT technologies promises a vision of the world where petabytes of data from billions of devices can be securely and reliably collected. Big data technologies enable scalable storage and near real time analytics of the raw data to create actionable knowledge. Can these technologies be adapted in manufacturing? Can a lights out factory become even more efficient using the insights gained from this knowledge? Can the IP of the company be protected while allowing the manufacturers access to real time machine data in order to improve overall operational and equipment efficiencies? Can all this be done while protecting and securing the data?

A typical manufacturing facility has over thousands of processing equipment. Over 95% of the data generated is thrown away. Collecting and using data with real time analytics can predict failures and events before they happen. This will transform organizations and creates new opportunities not only to increase operational efficiency but also create new business models.

This presentation will cover the various aspects of building an IoT and Big Data solution for a manufacturing facility including data collection, data retention, compliance, security, scalability and visualization. Emphasis will be on various aspects of security as it pertains to IoT and manufacturing including secure connectivity, secure storage, authentication, authorization, compartmentalized sharing of data and knowledge.


Jaideep Jain
VP Data Platform at Intertrust

Jaideep Jain is VP, Data Platform at Intertrust – a trusted computing leader.

Prior to Intertrust, Jaideep was the COO at Imantics, Jaideep co-founded and was the CEO of Truvolo making connected car solutions for safer and smarter driving. Truvolo was acquired by Imantics.
A Silicon Valley tech veteran, Jaideep is an entrepreneur, technology executive, Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics expert with a proven track record of creating compelling new products and experiences.

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