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Data Driven Innovation

Christian Lawaetz
On-Demand Hall

Data Driven Innovation


This session will outline how to identify unknown growth opportunities with structured data enrichment and applied machine learning. We explore the elements that make up an efficient and transparent algorithm, the importance of data as input and how to deal with the underlying uncertainty found in the sources and conclusions drawn. Finally, we will explore the concept of unknown unknowns, draw parallels to agile methodologies and how this flexibility is by data and implemented into strategic decision processes. Finally, a prediction about the role of ethics in data processing & innovation is shared with the audience.


Christian Lawaetz serves as CTO of Valuer where he deploys his excellent performance and technical vision. Christian has been responsible for platform output and client alignment before taking over the technical responsibilities and is a crucial link between clients and platform development. Christian is the inventor and architect of the multi-phased curation process, from automatically evaluating large amounts of data to qualitative enrichment. He also carried and directed the market testing, prototyping, and development of the Valuer Innovation Themes. Christian also manages the offshore activities of Valuer as the CEO of Valuer Skopje and by overseeing the development team in Serbia.