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The Dark Side of IoT

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The Dark Side of IoT

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The Internet of Things continues to dominate the industry, and it is every bit as big as people say it is. But much like the Internet boom, there can be an “IoT bubble” that will burst. IoT presents overwhelming potential, but it’s also been flooded with useless introductions – from IoT water sprinklers to IoT cat food bowls. These distractions make it difficult to focus on where the opportunity truly lies: the industrial and commercial sectors. Millions and millions of square feet of commercial real estate present an enormous opportunity for the IoT to enable smart buildings, leading to optimization, energy efficiency, sustainability and enhanced comfort. Managing commercial real estate is a challenge, particularly with global portfolios, but each building operates like a body. The IoT represents the opportunity to give these buildings a brain. One of the most cutting-edge examples of commercial IoT potential is with web-based apps, which enable remote monitoring and optimization for everything from HVAC to space planning. Space utilization apps provide rich building utilization data using information collected from the system’s advanced lighting sensors, giving insight into how individual spaces in buildings are being used to inform energy efficiencies and space planning. With real-time reports, managers can monitor occupancy, energy usage and temperature to optimize the building environment. Some apps even allow users to define the behaviors of individual sensors in the system. Other apps use advanced lighting sensors to provide access to heating, ventilation and air conditioning in commercial spaces. By continually monitoring occupancy patterns, these apps can help determine optimal heating or cooling based on when the building is occupied versus vacant. It provides a dynamic view of energy savings by displaying customizable time schedules and reporting real-time updates on setback status, utilization and temperature by zone. By utilizing these web-based apps, commercial building owners can expand IoT capabilities beyond lighting data to for a more holistic picture. With advancing capabilities, the possibilities are endless in the commercial IoT space.


Tanuj Mohan
CTO at Enlighted

Tanuj Mohan is the chief technology officer and a co-founder of Enlighted. He has more than 20 years of experience in the computer networking and software industries. Most recently at Tropos Networks, he was responsible for solutions that manage the world’s largest WiFi mesh network. He has also served in management and architectural roles at Cisco, Nevis, Novell and Huges. Tanuj has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

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