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Crossing the Digital Rubicon

Matt Kowalski, Senior Manager, Business Operations, Office of the CTO
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Crossing the Digital Rubicon


ZebraWe have crossed the “digital” Rubicon – no, we aren’t talking about the famous river Julius Caesar crossed when starting a Roman Civil War – we are talking about the point of no return many retail businesses are experiencing due to the ongoing global pandemic. We are now living in a global culture of liquid expectations – where each experience becomes the standard bearer to which others are compared – if I can get a pint of ice cream delivered to my front door in two hours, why can’t the new car I just bought online be delivered just as fast?

Trends that support these expectations:

  • Nearly three thousand packages are being delivered every SECOND
  • 90% of customers expect next day delivery
  • E-Commerce will capture 88% of worldwide chain retail growth
  • 22 million Americans are spending $58 BILLION a year on the “on demand” economy.
  • Global e-commerce spending is expected to reach $4 TRILLION IN 2020

By 2025, other trends predict that:

  • There will be data growth of 175 Zettabytes (zettabyte = one trillion gigabytes)
  • 30% of data consumption will be via real time
  • Each digital engagement will take 18 seconds

Retail enterprises must embrace new technologies and solutions to meet and exceed customer expectations, while simultaneously boosting efficiency, productivity and profitability.


Matt directs Business Operations for Zebra Technologies’ Chief Technology Office (CTO). Matt’s experience spans a wide array of business disciplines and functions: product management, business strategy, competitive intelligence, business and customer development, market research, operations, portfolio marketing, intellectual property, product lifecycle management and voice of the customer. Matt’s global product launches include long-range barcode scanners, mobile computers, and enterprise software. He currently holds two technology patents, with ten patents pending. Matt has a bachelor’s degree from New York University (NYU), an MBA from Fordham University’s Gabelli Business School at Lincoln Center in New York City, a Professional Certification in Market Research from the University of Georgia, and is a Six Sigma Green Belt.