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Connected Utilities: A pragmatic business use case of IoT: past, present and future

11 Dec 2018
13:00 - 13:30
Virtual Room A

Connected Utilities: A pragmatic business use case of IoT: past, present and future

Session Abstract:

In this session, I (and we) will inspect a pioneer vertical in IoT (Internet of Things). Utilities is one of the early IoT adopters. Vast power grid, regulatory requirements, customer service, financial stress – Utilities have never been scarce of pain points.

I will examine in detail how these and other complex problems were mitigated. The session will cover a practical approach for applying full stack IoT application: device, embedded software, communications, cloud platform and cloud solution.

Such systems generate petabytes of data. What is the use of data? I will demonstrate specific use cases for artificial intelligence in action at the edge and cloud.

Our session will include facts and figures and conclude with a futuristic view of where the industry will head.

Key Points:

1. Early stage IoT monetization ready business case.
2. How multifaceted, convoluted problems are overcome.
3. Implications of a full stack IoT application.
4. Application of big data and machine learning. Solve the problem, don’t overkill.
5. Challenges, upcoming innovation and forward looking sight.


Manimala Kumar
Product Manager at Honeywell

Manimala Kumar is a product manager at Honeywell where she is launching a new connected things platform. Her expertise lies in IoT and artificial intelligence. Her interest in IoT was intrigued at Aclara where she first developed smart grid solutions. Aclara was ranked #2 Meter Data Management provider by Greentech Media. She was a contributor to open source library of NASA. She regularly writes and critiques IoT business and technology topics. She has authored IoT case study at Harvard Business Review and is a reviewer at Emerald Insight. She has an MBA from University of California, Berkeley and is pursuing an M.S. in Computer Science with a specialization in machine learning from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Session Tags

Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise, OEM

industrial IoT, connected utilities, ai, machine learning

CxO, VP / Director, Technical, Business Line Management, Operations

Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner




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