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The Commoditization of Data Storage for IoT

21 Jun 2017
14:20 - 14:45
Room B

The Commoditization of Data Storage for IoT

Session Abstract:

Cloud storage is going to be cheap, fast, and standardized.  Like electricity, cloud storage will become a commodity. More and more storage will be required as data is produced and collected from devices and machines (mobile phones, planes, automobiles, etc.). In our highly connected world, cloud storage will be a ubiquitous part of the infrastructure.

Wasabi Technologies is at the forefront of offering low cost cloud storage with significantly better performance than existing solutions. Wasabi provides disruptively priced cloud storage that is a 100% bit compatible with Amazon S3.  It is 1/5th  the price and 6X the speed, with 11 nines of reliability and immutable buckets for compliance.  The 80% reduction in storage costs means users will be able to afford to store larger data sets.


David Friend
Founder and CEO at Wasabi Technologies, Inc.

David Friend is a serial entrepreneur. The founder of 6 successful startups, David has a unique ability to understand market requirements and deliver solutions to address them. David previously co-founded Carbonite (Nasdaq: CARB), now one of the biggest cloud backup companies in the world. He is taking this experience and applying it to the IoT market by providing a vision to commoditize the cloud storage market.

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