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Collaboration Best Practices in IoT Alliances

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Collaboration Best Practices in IoT Alliances

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Best practices in business to business collaborations exist and Alliance Best Practice Ltd (www.alliancebestpractice.com) has spent the last 15 years discovering them and codifying them for clients. But now a new set of best practices is emerging in the area of IoT alliances. These require new skills, engagement models and practices. In this presentation Mike Nevin from Alliance Best Practice Ltd will identify these best practices and show practical examples of them in action.


Mike Nevin
Managing Director at Alliance Best Practice Ltd

Mike Nevin is an international expert on best practices in strategic alliance relationships.. He has written the Strategic Alliance Handbook. The definitive practitioners guide to instigating and managing strategic alliance relationships http://www.ashgate.com/isbn/9780754681427 To date over 600 of the world’s leading partnering organisations in: Europe, the USA, Australia and India have benchmarked themselves against Mike’s best practice database which has resulted in the development of a highly detailed knowledge base of over 200,000 entries.

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