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Closing Keynote: Internet of Moving Things (IoMT)

Rahul Vijay | Head of Global Telecom Sourcing | Uber
11 Dec 2018
16:55 - 17:30
Keynote Room

Closing Keynote: Internet of Moving Things (IoMT)

Session Abstract:

Connecting static people at homes and offices with Internet was a tough task. Connecting moving people with mobility was tougher task. Even tougher was connecting static things. Now, consider connecting moving things! Learn how a company that moves people and things views Internet of Moving Things (IoMT).


Rahul Vijay
Head of Global Telecom Sourcing UBER

Rahul Vijay is a key partner to business development teams in managing partner-supplier ecosystems. He is also a Key partner to CFOs to successfully achieve total cost of ownership reduction goals, a Key partner to CTOs for technology renting and buying strategies, a Key partner to chief legal officers for risk reduction, compliance and contracting. Rahul has end-to-end source to pay experience including partnerships, sourcing, procurement, supply chain, logistics, contract law, systems, market drivers, understanding of cost structures and sales incentives. Regularly engages in executive presentations, reporting, capital and expense planning, cost modeling, inventory planning and analytics.

Rahul is a seasoned deal-maker and negotiator and is well networked in high-tech industry with a deep understanding of key players and emerging technologies and trends. He possess a trusted network of global peers and mentors and regularly partners with organizational presidents and directors to develop business cases, perform due diligence analyses and Buy vs. Rent vs. Build strategies. He is an expert in supplier management and risk management. Have led teams to effectively partner up with cross-functional teams to ‘get things done quickly’ in complex large organizations.

Rahul is adept at internal selling and have built teams from scratch. Managed multiple complex global teams and initiatives by hiring best talent, building strong working relationships with key internal and external partners, securing ‘a seat at the table’ with stakeholders, and acting as a trusted adviser. Former business development professional, management consultant, media professional and engineer.

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