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How can we trust the Internet of Things?

21 Jun 2018
12:45 - 13:15
Main Room

How can we trust the Internet of Things?

Session Abstract:

The IoT is impacting our world, but it didn’t present a singular, one-time change. It is a fundamental set of changes to our world that are in constant flux. It is constantly evolving. As it does, it presents a steady stream of challenges around Trust, Privacy, Integrity, and Security.

Consumers wonder if they are being spied on. IT departments question if their networks are still adequately protected. Patients worry that their privacy may be violated. We must address this dilemma if the growth curve of the IoT is to continue.

In the Internet of Things even the definition of Security has been evolving. It is no longer sufficient to talk about security, we must talk about the entire realm of trust. In this session we will be using plain English to dive deep into the realm of trust and work through the issues and solutions for trust, privacy, integrity and security in the Internet of Things.


Brian Geisel
CEO at Geisel Software

Brian Geisel is the CEO of Geisel Software, a leading Internet of Things development company that focuses on the IoT Confluence: Embedded, Web and Mobile Software. By working with some of the most innovative hardware, software and security companies, Brian has quietly influenced the design decisions in many of the devices hitting the market today.

A former radio host, Brian thrives on delivering relevant, powerful messages to audiences everywhere. With his diverse technical background and aptitude for speaking, he is known for his ability to simplify complex topics and present them in a way that is insightful, potent, and easily understood. He regularly speaks on a wide range of topics, from SaaS, to Software Hiring Practices to Security.

Brian is also a prolific blogger and has been featured in BBC, Entrepreneur Magazine, Bloomberg Business, and other major outlets.

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