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Beyond Connected Devices: The data insights that transform healthcare delivery

22 Jun 2018
15:15 - 15:45
Room A

Beyond Connected Devices: The data insights that transform healthcare delivery

Session Abstract:

Veta Health offers a front-end platform for population health. Our​ clinically-integrated disease management ​platform accompanies patients suffering from chronic illness or those with planned procedures​, in any context. Our technologies engender loyalty and trust with the ultimate result of greater transparency and patient self management. We offer care journeys across a number of areas including cardiology, pulmonology, neurology, and urology. Our programs connect patients with their care teams through patient reported health statuses and integration of wearable devices. Veta Health integrates with 400+ bluetooth enabled devices from activity trackers to blood pressure cuffs to glucometers. While the data generated from these IoT devices is important, it alone is not enough. At Veta Health, we specialize turning the valuable data insights we collect from wearables into actions. On average, patients report 5 data points per day, introducing a whole new type of Patient Generated Health Data (PGHD). This provides a lense into what is happening with patients once they leave the four walls of a traditional care setting: a historical black-hole for most care teams. Not only does it provide visibility into the patient care journey, Veta Health’s analytic engine risk stratifies patients based on this data enabling timely interventions when needed. As a front-end platform, taking IoT data a step further is where we add value. We synthesize this data to allow for patient-level and population-level insights and have impact on the progression of evidence-based treatments and medicine.

In an IRB-approved study on patients suffering from late stage Congestive Heart, Veta Health had a proven impact on adverse health outcomes. Participating patients in the investigational group were monitored for 45 days using bluetooth-enabled devices including a blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter and weight scale. Patients reported high satisfaction of ease of use with these devices and readmission rates were cut by more than 50% between the control and investigational groups. Most significant in the healthcare landscape, however, is the ability to overlay this data with the patient medical record and derive actionable insights by making IoT health data clinically meaningful to care teams at the point of care. Patients have been able to better self-manage their care, and patient satisfaction has increased 70%. We’re using connected technologies and IoT to catalyze the reprioritization of “care” in healthcare.


Tanvi Vattikuti Abbhi
Co-Founder – Veta Health

Tanvi Vattikuti Abbhi is the Co-Founder of Veta Health. Veta Health offers technology solutions to engender trust, loyalty, and community in healthcare delivery. Veta Health’s solutions deliver greater transparency and patient empowerment beyond the four walls of traditional care settings. Prior to co-founding Veta Health, Tanvi worked across the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia supporting and consulting for entrepreneurs running high-growth businesses. Her passion and background lies in reducing imbalance and disparity. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from New York University.

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