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Be 5G – Beyond the hype, understanding 5G and how it can be a catalyst in driving IoT solutions

Wayne Irwin VP – Operations – Emerging Business at Ericsson
11 Dec 2019
13:30 - 14:00

Be 5G – Beyond the hype, understanding 5G and how it can be a catalyst in driving IoT solutions

Session Abstract:

There has been a significant amount of hype around 5G and how it can potentially be leveraged for IoT solutions. The purpose of this session it to provide an overview of the evolution to 5G connectivity and discuss different examples of how the technology is being used in IoT solutions. As we experienced in the evolution of many of the “Gs” (1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G), there is a level of speed and mobile capability that will impact both the consumer and enterprise levels. However, much of the true value is hard to predict until the market and developers have the ability leverage the advances in speed and capabilities. For example, many of the values we currently leverage and probably believe we can’t live without in the 4G era were unknown as the technology was being rolled out. In specific regard to leveraging 5G in the IoT world, there will be value for the consumer; however, this is one evolution that will impact how businesses operate. These changes range anywhere from the ability to wirelessly connect massive numbers of IoT devices, address critical business operations and provide alternatives for point to point connectivity. At the end of this session, the audience will have a better understanding of how 5G could impact their models and drive a stronger ecosystem to be catalysts in the delivery of full end to end commercialized solutions


Wayne Irwin – Vice President, Operations – Global Customer Unit – Emerging Business
As VP & COO – GCU EB at Ericsson, Wayne is responsible for leveraging end to end processes to drive a dynamic culture for performance and profitability. The Emerging Business customer unit was created to provide longer term insights through co-creation and innovation with customers and partners to deliver on true problems solving solutions. The team engages with the full spectrum of the ecosystem focusing on utilizing Ericsson’s core technologies and traditional mobile network operator partners. Prior to joining Ericsson in early 2019, as Senior Director at Intel’s Internet of Things Group (IOTG), Wayne drove channel & partnership programs that broke through the complexity of the IoT by establishing Market Ready Solutions – proven and scalable solutions that address true customer and market problems.


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