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Autonomous streaming intelligence for the Internet of Things

Autonomous streaming intelligence for the Internet of Things

Session Abstract:

IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Novelti LogoDevelopments in IoT have helped us build smart devices of all kinds, integrate them with a variety of sensors, and efficiently plug them into the Internet. We have a world of data at our fingertips like never before. But data is only so useful as what we can do with it, and the challenge now is to explore how we should be leveraging the data we are reading from these sensor networks, and how to extract the most value from it.

Most IoT platforms provide basic functions like recording data, accessing raw data streams, and occasionally even basic transformation logic. These functionalities help users monitor sensor data and perform simple analyses. More complex analytics, however, usually requires the help of domain experts and machine learning specialists.

In this talk, we present the Novelti’s streaming architecture for intelligent IoT analytics — a design that reduces the complexity of infrastructure and makes it easier for users to extract value from their data streams. We will cover the singularities of working on an IoT oriented environment, and then describe our approach to streaming machine learning. Finally, we will also present the main components of our architecture and walk through how the user interacts with the architecture and what it can learn from its streams. If you are building your own IoT device, designing the next wearable, or managing a complex IoT infrastructure, this talk will bring some interesting ideas forth for you to consider.

This talk will provide:

  • A general overview of IoT data streams and the requirements for an IoT analytics platform
  • How our architectural approach achieves these requirements and provides best practices for IoT Analytics solutions
  • How this architecture has been used to build an autonomous smart monitoring service for IoT networks, and its practical application in real world use cases.


Marco Laucelli
CEO  Novelti

Marco Laucelli is a professional with more than 10 years of experience in IT Innovation and New Business development. Currently founder and CEO of Novelti (www.novelti.io), a Spanish startup focused on real-time analytics for IoT networks. Previously to launch Novelti, Marco has been working in IBM for seven year as IT Strategy and Innovation Consultant, being responsible of the IBM Global Entrepreneur program in South Europe. Marco holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Oviedo (Spain) and the CERN.

Marco has a large technical experience in distributed computing, cloud and data analytics, being actively involved in previous ventures – grid computing – and in solution design – service oriented architectures, data analytics in smart cities – for small and large companies.

Alvaro Agea
CTO of Novelti

Alvaro Agea is currently the CTO of NOVELTI, a spanish startup devoted to the development of Real Time analytics solutions for IoT environment. He has ten years of professional experience in digital technology with special focus on the following areas: Streaming and real time analytics, Big Data and IoT.

Session Tags:

Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise, OEM

IoT analytics, big data, real-time, intelligence

CxO, Middle Management, Technical




Manufacturing, Telecom, Industrials, Healthcare, Automotive

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