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AI Powering Smart Mobility and Autonomous Vehicles for the Future of Transportation

Sudha Jamthe, CEO, IoTDisruptions.com
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AI Powering Smart Mobility and Autonomous Vehicles for the Future of Transportation

Session Abstract:

The future of Transportation is driven by redefining Mobility with Mobility As a Service (MAAS) with the advent of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. All this is powered by terabytes of data from telemetrics, user behavior data and smart city infrastructure data. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the only solution to make sense of this huge volume of data.

AI in the vehicle drives Car Cognition, makes the car Telemetrics smart for cyber-security and efficient real-time operations of the vehicles, optimizing the value chain of the vehicle and more.

Come learn
1. How AI is powering the future of transportation
2.Develop an understanding of many applications of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in the car inside the car for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.
3. Understand best practice about how AI is used in vehicles to offer smart mobility solutions
4. Learn how the AI in Smart Mobility spans several industries including Automotive, Transportation, Industrial IoT, Telecom, Retail etc and how you can use it in your career and job.


Sudha Jamthe
CEO & Author IoT Disruptions at IoT Disruptions

Sudha Jamthe is the CEO of IoTDisruptions.com and a globally recognized Technology Futurist with 20+ year mix of entrepreneurial, academic and operational experience from eBay, PayPal, GTE and Harcourt. She is the author of “2030 The Driverless World: Business Transformation from Autonomous Vehicles” and 3 IoT books, teacher of IoT business and Autonomous Vehicles business courses at Stanford Continuing Studies and at DriverlessWorldSchool.com.”

Sudha is a champion for Girls Who Code and and judges STEM competitions for the US Congressional App Challenge and hackathons. She enjoys shaping new technology ecosystems and mentoring leaders on digital transformation. She chairs the strategic advisory council of Barcelona Technology School and an Ambassador for FundingBox Impact Connected Cars ( EU H2020) Community. She has an MBA from Boston University.

Session Tags

End-User, Government, Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise, OEM

AI, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Connected Vehicles, AV, Transportation, Cold Chain, Supply Chain, Automotive

CxO, VP / Director, Middle Management, Business Line Management, Operations




Telecom, Industrials, Consumer, Government / Public Sector, Automotive

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