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Advanced Communication Skills for Leaders

Glenn Daniels Corporate Leadership Trainer and Coach Touch Stone Publishers Ltd
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Advanced Communication Skills for Leaders

Session Abstract:

Why do some people seem to be natural-born leaders? Why can’t or will not they tell you how they did it? What makes the difference? What indeed creates an extraordinary leader, one who leads effortlessly? How does a leader gain Mastery of Leadership Skills and Techniques?

Great Leaders Are Made Not Born

Advanced Communication Skills is a complete look at the powerful practices of great communicators. We will cover the fundamentals, skills, and techniques of some of the world’s most outstanding leaders of all time. We will share the strategies and techniques required to gain Mastery over their business process, teams, and the bottom line during this workshop or keynote.


Glenn Daniels
Corporate Leadership Trainer and Coach at Touch Stone Publishers Ltd

In my 30+ years of helping set strategies to create effective changes from within for thousands of individuals and organizations, I have used storytelling to connect audiences with the skills and techniques that enable them to become great leaders rapidly.

My clients are spread across various industries worldwide, including the U.S. military, communications, insurance, medical, funeral, energy, manufacturing, and retail. I have worked with some of the top names in the speaking industry and developed a fun and effective skills-and-technique-based style.

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End-User, Government, Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise, OEM

Leadership, communication, skills, achievement, success

CxO, VP / Director, Middle Management, Business Line Management, Operations

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Retail, Manufacturing, Industrials, Healthcare, Consumer, Government / Public Sector

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