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Adopting a Digital World – Safeguarding Your Organization from Cyber Threats

Adopting a Digital World – Safeguarding Your Organization from Cyber Threats

Session Abstract:

The IoT Community® presents a panel discussion on the ever-changing digital security threat landscape, hosted by technology and security expert Jason Cook, Cyber Defense Labs COO and IoT Board Member. Learn how security risks are evolving as IoT continues its growth and maturity, and how to minimize your risk in implementation and adoption for applications such as smart cities and grids. Join us as the expert panelists discuss leading-edge security best practices and IoT security protocols and standards such as Mitre Att&ck, NIST, and Zero Trust Frameworks, and how these can help to safeguard your organization from a cyber incident.


Jason Cook – COO Cyber Defense Labs

Federico Campbell, Vice President at Cyber Defense Labs
Gavin Robertson, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, WhamTech
Kate Kuehn – SVP Alliances, vArmour,

Jason Cook is a seasoned IT, Security & Telecoms executive with a track record of defining strategic direction, implementing complex global programs, reorganizing & improving dysfunctional Business & IT departments. Mr. Cook is now the Chief Operating Officer & Managing Partner at Cyber Defense Labs (CDL), a full lifecycle information security service provider helping companies manage, detect and respond to today’s cyber risks. Over a 28 year career Mr. Cook has held a number of leadership roles including CISO, CTO and IT Director at BT one of the world’s leading global telecommunications, managed service and security providers. He serves on the board of several technology and security companies and is a frequent speaker on technology and security issues. Previously he was Managing Director at The Chertoff Group Strategic Advisory Services practice, collaborating with clients to tackle their most critical security issues providing leadership, strategic direction and operational expertise to help secure and grow business.

Gavin Robertson: After earning a BSc (Hons) in Chemical and Process Engineering and a MEng in Petroleum Engineering, both at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, Gavin spent more than 15 years in the domestic U.S. and international oil and gas industry, often working with data-related projects. After a period as a consultant to WhamTech, Gavin joined as CTO and Senior VP in 1999, responsible for product design and development, and technical sales and marketing. Gavin has recently been involved in developing military-grade data access and security for WhamTech’s SmartData Fabric® data virtualization platform and in federal government cybersecurity discussions.

Federico Campbell is a Vice President at Cyber Defense Labs, a full life-cycle information security service provider helping companies manage, detect and respond to today’s cyber risks. He leads the Proactive Services team which provides information security and cyber advisory and engineering services to a broad range of clients. He has over 18 years of experience in digital forensics and cyber security leading investigations in support of matters ranging from cyber intrusions and breaches, insider threat matters, financial fraud investigations, federal white-collar criminal investigations and SEC enforcement actions to aviation crash investigations. He most recently served as the leader of the global Proactive Cyber Security and Information Security services team at Navigant Consulting. Mr. Campbell is a court accepted cybersecurity and digital forensics expert and has testified as an expert witness on numerous matters, including on behalf of the U.S. Federal Government. Mr. Campbell is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), an EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE) and holds an FAA Commercial Pilot rating. He has also attended hundreds of hours of formal training in cybersecurity and investigations, digital forensics and evidence handling. Mr. Campbell holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Maryland as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Villanova University.

Kate Kuehn – SVP Alliances, vArmour, Her expertise and passion for innovative technology compliments the Senseon vision, to help organizations better leverage AI and machine learning threat detection within their environments. Senseon is the next phase of AI for cyber defense, moving beyond rules-based systems that are too rigid to keep pace with emerging cyber-attacks or ineffective AI systems which cannot differentiate between unusual activity and malicious threats. Unique to Senseon, ‘AI Triangulation’ understands and correlates threats across an organization’s entire digital estate, providing much needed context and clarity in an increasingly noisy landscape. Founded in 2017, Senseon brings together cyber security experts, former government cyber operatives and applied machine learning specialists.


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