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A discussion on Diversity, Equity, Fairness and Inclusion for the IoT industry

Eva Helén, founder and CEO of EQ Inspiration
09 Apr 2022
13:15 - 14:00
Keynote Room

A discussion on Diversity, Equity, Fairness and Inclusion for the IoT industry


While technology development races forward at tremendous speed, we try to keep up. Find talent, fill positions, and retain the right people. We demand experience and potential. What do these people demand in return? The digital transformation requires people with interest in technology at every level, and in every industry. How do we find and keep them as the talent shortage is here and growing every day? Eva will speak about how every one of us can contribute to a culture where people thrive and are productive, and leave us with tangible tips of how to improve as leaders and co-workers, by starting right where we are. Her book “Women in Tech, a Book for Guys,” is based on interviews with men in tech, and features seven character prototypes, and what they are already doing to support women and underrepresented groups at work.


Eva Helén is the founder and CEO of EQ Inspiration. Engaging men in the conversation of gender equality and women’s advancement. She’s the author of “Women in Tech, a Book for Guys”. Eva is on Vasion’s Board of Directors. A successful entrepreneur, in 2000 Eva co-founded and ran Sanbolic, an enterprise software company, acquired by Citrix in 2015. Prior, Eva co-founded Number One GM, acquired by Autodesk in 1999. Eva was born in Sweden and holds an MBA from the University of Stockholm. She relocated to Silicon Valley in the mid 90’s. As a speaker, coach and mentor to men and women in tech, Eva stresses the importance of individual contribution to build a culture of inclusion and success.

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