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A deep submarine dive into the IoT world

Richa Daga, Software Engineer, Cisco
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A deep submarine dive into the IoT world

Session Abstract:

While enjoying the cutting-edge IoT content delivered in virtual IoT Slam conferences, did we take a moment to realize what made this all a successful reality during the global pandemic? Yes, it is the confluence of great minds and tremendous efforts by the IoT Community, but how were we able to HD stream video sessions by speakers joining from different continents instantaneously? While we might have thought that this data transmission happens over the satellites, but the truth lies under the sea. Over 95 percent of the world’s intercontinental electronic communications traffic is carried below the surface of the world’s oceans through subsea cables.
It’s no secret that reliable submarine connectivity is critical to serving an ever-increasing number of connected end-users- both humans and machines (IoT). Submarine Data Center Interconnect networks carry similar data as their terrestrial counterparts such as database synchronization, database backup & restore, dynamic load sharing, content caching optimization, and content access. But are the submarine networks ready to handle the voracious bandwidth demands that IoT and 5G are keeping in front of us? Can IoT reach its full potential without a high bandwidth submarine network backbone to support impending terabits of data from IoT?
Submarine cables are not only vital in providing connectivity to every corner of the world but also have the unique potential to support the scientific community by becoming a platform for deep ocean monitoring and environmental warning systems, through the development of Science Monitoring and Reliable Telecommunications (SMART) cables equipped with sensors. Although many significant challenges are yet to be resolved, the benefits of SMART Cables are too important to ignore and they should be considered for deployment in the future.
In this session, let’s understand the challenges and opportunities in the submarine network infrastructure to achieve the high capacity to support IoT. We will also address how IoT helps to perform preventive maintenance to predict and address inevitable outages – before they occur – for optimal network availability. The proposed session would be a presentation with end-users and enterprises as the target audience. How the submarine cable operators should respond and leverage innovative technologies such as programmable coherent modems, ROADMs, C+L band, Spatial Division Multiplexing, intelligent data-driven automation, and analytics to achieve scalability, availability, and flexibility will be discussed.



With a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering and a post-graduate degree in Networking, Richa is as technical as you can get. She has vast experience working in the telecom and optical networking domain as a professional embedded software engineer at Ciena. She has also worked at Cisco Research and Development offshore center and had worked for the development of products on SONET, OTN, ETHERNET technologies from scratch. She has worked in the data plane area for the bring-up of line cards, FPGAs, and ASICs device drivers and has been a part of the customer response team handling live customer network issues on the deployed products.
She was the chairperson of the IEEE Women in Engineering branch of her alma mater and headed/hosted/judged various seminars, presentations, and organized state/national events.
She has technical papers published in national conferences and has been conferred with the best orator award at many gatherings. She received an outstanding student volunteer award in the Women in Engineering field in AGM-2011 by the Delhi section of IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Being an all-rounder, she believes in investing in knowledge and sharing with other women in tech via communities. She is a member of the shespeaksbureau and believes in supporting Diversity and Inclusion. She was a speaker at the past IoT Slams where she shared her insights regarding 5G, IoT, Smart Grids, Edge Cloud, and optical technologies. Richa is based out of New Delhi, India.

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