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7 Strategies To Increase IoT Security

Hector Del Castillo Chief Product Officer at Simtelligent

7 Strategies To Increase IoT Security

Session Abstract:

Why does your business need to increase IoT Security?

IoT Security is critical to encourage adoption of the massive emergence of smart, connected devices.

This session identifies 7 strategies to effectively increase the security and manage cyber risk of your IoT solution. We will discuss top strategies and implementation approaches for IoT vendors to build the trust and resilience needed to seize opportunities, reduce risks, and deploy the right security models that reduce security vulnerability and risk.

Continuous management of IoT Security is critical for device vendors to remain in compliance and prevent cyber threats from compromising their customers privacy and security.

* IDC analysts predict that by 2018, two-thirds of enterprises will experience IoT security breaches
* Cisco predicts that there will be 50B smart connected devices worldwide by 2020.

IoT is clearly impacting many parts of our lives, in the home (Wearables and the Smart Home) as well as many industry verticals (Manufacturing, Healthcare, Public Sector, Oil & Gas). Yet the question that continues to evolve is that while we need and desire many of the conveniences or downright cost savings that IoT devices make possible – How is security being addressed for this entire category of devices?

This session will identify 7 proven strategies needed to maintain cost-effective security and risk management initiatives to support and drive the success of your IoT solution.

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Hector Del Castillo
Chief Product Officer at Simtelligent

Hector Del Castillo has over 15 years of experience collaborating with executives, senior managers, and entrepreneurs to transform ideas into a great business. He’s passionate about building and marketing products customers love.

Contact Hector and ask him how Simtelligent can help you prime your business for a digital world.

Connect: linkd.in/hdelcastillo Contact: hdelcastillo@simtelligent.com Follow: @hmdelcastillo
Visit: www.simtelligent.com

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