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IoT Relevance – The New Value Frontier

IoT Relevance – The New Value Frontier


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IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference - B-lineLogicSensors Sensors Everywhere! Smart Sensors create millions of data points per hour. Some can produce megabytes of data per minute. But the relevance and therefore the value is not in the raw data – it’s in the insight derived from the data and the decisions made from that insight. With this much data to process, traditional IT architecture struggles to keep up. Because of these limitations, the true potential of IoT has been held back. Today, IoT is mostly limited to data islands.

Challenges of handling IoT data:

  • Massive volumes of data-in-motion, flowing continuously
  • Collecting and aggregating high velocity streaming data
  • On-the-fly data pattern matching
  • Data enrichment and blending

Massive volumes
In addition to just pure volume, this data is streaming in real-time from an unlimited number of disparate sensors, sources and systems.

Collecting and Aggregating
To extract the true monetized value from IoT; you must listen to the data, anticipate the opportunities and take the right actions.

  • On-the-fly pattern matching
  • Finding the value relies on the ability to find the Relevant and act on it.
  • Data Enrichment and Blending

Attendees will leave the session with understanding of how to realize the following Benefits:

  • Improved performance
  • Reduced costs
  • Create innovative new products
  • New revenue streams


Robert Milks
CEO B-LineLogic

Rob Milks is the CEO of B-LineLogic and veteran software executive. Over the last 30 years he has built and managed multi-million dollar enterprise software organizations. He has served as SVP & GM at Selectica (SLTC), where he drove sales to one of the largest IPOs in NASDAQ history. He has also held executive positions at Connectbeam, AXS-One, and InterTech.

Rob holds a Computer Science and Business Degree from Daytona Beach College. He started his first computer company at the age of 17 and has since lead 4 startups to exit events. Rob has 20+ years experience in Logic Engines and is an active Speaker, Lecturer and Advisor and is recognized as an Expert in IoT, Big Data and Cloud Computing.

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