Welcome to the IoT Grand Slam 2018, VIRTUAL Internet of Things Conference, December 11th 2018 held in the Cloud.

The Second International IoT Slam 2016 Virtual Internet of Things Conference is focused on the following topics formed of the following tracks:

TRACK 1: Standards: What’s required and how to accelerate the development and adoption of standards to realize IoT-enabled benefits

This track will focus on understanding the IoT ecosystem and marketplace, identifying where standards will be a major factor to drive uptake and deployment of IoT, and developing a pragmatics position for how IoT practitioners should participate and proceed given the standardization needs and availability. IoT Slam 2015 Internet of Things ConferenceWe will try to understand and position the standardization work underway, identify areas where new work is required, and explore how to simplify the standardization regime. We will discuss how to accelerate the development and adoption of standards so we can realize the benefits IoT enables.

TRACK 2: Interoperability and Integration

This track will focus on the issues and opportunities related to interoperability and integration.

  • Who needs or wants to work together? In what waysintegration?
  • What is required and desirable to enable the interoperation or integration of these related applications or systems?
  • What is the role of open source in IoT, and how can it streamline the path to IoT success?
  • What commercial and technical frameworks need to be in place? What is the impact going to be on the industry and the end-user consumer or enterprise?

Next Generation IT systems such as those delivered via the Cloud and consumed through the IoT bring a lot of cost savings and efficiencies, as well as speed adoption of IT tools, new market entry, business process transformation and improved customer alignment & interaction. However, the road to mass adoption is paved with a number of transitional bumps. Integrating new resources with existing architecture and infrastructure remains a key challenge of such adoption and evolution. The focus is on creating a roadmap for smooth transition, preventing data loss and privacy issues, keeping control of operations and assets, surviving the lack of unified standards and interoperability among providers and addressing the complexities that often arise in the implementation and operational phases of adoption.

TRACK 3: Security: Defending Applications, Pipes and End-points from Attack

This track will focus on the issues and opportunities related to security.

  • What are the effective techniques for providing a data and system protection
  • What are the critical vulnerabilities and how do we deal with themIoT Slam 2015 Internet of Things Conference
  • What are compliance strategies for the broad spectrum of enterprise and consumer markets.
  • What is a foundation for seamlessly and securely connecting devices, delivering trusted data to the cloud, and delivering value through analytics?

Lack of security systems and practices will inhibit innovation. As with lessons learned from the evolution of Cloud, particularly across the enterprise market, privacy, data management, regulations, and protecting against cyber threats are a few of the issues that are increasingly recurrent when considered alongside distributed and heterogeneous devices and systems. Understanding and defining the problem is half the process of overcoming it as a barrier to entry.

TRACK 4: InfrastructureCreating and Deploying the Right Infrastructure and backbone for IoT-enabled systems and applications

This track will focus on what enterprise and network infrastructure is required to realize the benefits of IoT applications. We will address the current and future landscape of infrastructure for IoT. We will look at where shortcomings and bottlenecks occur and how these can be overcome to develop, deploy and manage IoT-enabled services across the enterprise.

TRACK 5: New IoT Business Models

IoT Slam 2015 Internet of Things Conference

This Track will focus on the business models relevant to enabling information sharing and usage in an IoT ecosystem that will also enable solution providers to commercialize their products & services, profit from IoT, and to fund new innovations and development.

TRACK 6: Research and Innovation: Keeping the flow of innovation

This track will focus on encouraging research and innovation for IoT. We will identify key segments of growth, innovation, problem areas and what impact this will have on future generation of IoT.

  • IoT Slam 2015 Internet of Things ConferenceWhat are our areas of interests for research and innovation?
  • What big problems need innovative solutions?
  • How do we foster work and engagement with the academic and industrial research organizations?
  • How do we encourage and support entrepreneurial endeavors to create more new solutions?

Next generation strategies and technologies power R&D activities in IoT. It is fundamentally important for the future prosperity of IoT that the innovation curve continues to thrive and flourish. Vendors and solution providers are already working behind the scenes on the “next big thing” and new, emerging offerings are hitting the market.

TRACK 7. Best Practices: Lessons Learned from putting IoT strategies into practice

IoT Slam 2015 Internet of Things ConferenceWe will focus on sharing and learning from the experiences in developing, deploying and managing IoT-enabled systems and applications to understand the challenges and best practices to realize the high-impact benefits from IoT. For example, we anticipate we will explore how to put in place a data hub for your city, enterprise or community, and how to combine data in a useful, interconnected way to address infrastructure challenges. We will discuss the partnerships, projects and schemes major stakeholders are undertaking, and the lessons learned. We will explore the best ways to engage with IoT planners and solutions providers to establish the optimal means of partnership, and building on common commercial interests. We will explore the opportunities for companies looking to leverage IoT throughout their developments.

Tracks applied across the following topics (not limited to):

IoT Enabler Topics  Enterprise IoT Topics IoT Developer Topics IoT Platform Topics
Sensors and data points. Industrial / Enterprise Benchmarking Applications and Platforms Standards and collaboration
Devices and Appliances Authentication and Security Cloud and Storage Soft Computing
Ubiquitous coverage and connectivity Infrastructure and Processing Evolving Standards Swarm intelligence
Automation Digital Transformation / Interoperability Open Source Devices Learning Software Organization
Wearables and Augmented Reality Bandwidth and Pipe Availability Managing end-point Communications Platforms and portability
Microcontrollers Big Data Analytics Interoperability and validation Software Architecture
Mobile Payments Business Transformation Prescriptive Analytics Big Data Analytics
Near Field Communication Commercial Viability Ecosystems Vertical Alignment and Customization
Regulations Visualization Development Environments Mobile and Connectivity

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IoT Slam Virtual Internet of Things Conference

IoT Slam Internet of Things Conference

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging as the third wave in the development of the Internet. The 1990s’ fixed Internet wave connected 1 billion users while the 2000s’ mobile wave connected another 2 billion. The IoT has the potential to connect 10X as many (28 billion) “things” to the Internet by 2020, ranging from bracelets to cars. “ Goldman Sachs