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    IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Question

    Speaker FAQs

    How do I become a Speaker at IoT Slam Live?

    We are presently accepting paper submissions for the Second Annual IoT Slam Live 2018 Conference. Visit this page for more details: https://iotslam.com/cfp If you would like to explore extended collaboration opportunities, please send us a mail to info@iotslam.com

    What are deadlines for speaking submissions?

    December 7th 2017 – Call for Papers opens
    February 28th, 2018 – Call for Papers closes
    March 15th, 2018 – Speakers Notified of Acceptance
    March 30th 2018 – Final Agenda Published
    June 21-22 2018 – IoT Live Slam in RTP, North Carolina

    Do I have to sponsor the event in order to speak?

    No. You don’t have to be a sponsor to be a speaker at this event, however should you become a sponsor, your participation you will be significantly enhanced as well as your positioning in the broader IoT space. The majority of IoT Slam Live sessions are secured free of charge. The submission is free of charge, and if selected there is no cost to present.

    Will my presentation be recorded?

    All speaker sessions will be recorded and made available for reuse (with full shared copyrights) to the materials. The content is typically provided back to speakers within 2 weeks after the event. Additionally content will be made available for users to view on demand as well as proliferated through our IoT channels after 3 months.

    Do I need any special training or equipment to present my session Virtually?

    The simple answer is no! For sessions that will be delivered virtually, All you need is a computer (desktop or Laptop), a stable internet connection (around 2mbps up and down), your presentation / slide deck, a microphone, a webcam (optional for those who wish to present using video) and a good presentation voice.

    We will be conducting dry-runs and holding special training open to all speakers a couple of weeks before the event goes live to make sure you are comfortable and fluent with the virtual platform.

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