Welcome to the IoT Day Slam 2019, VIRTUAL Internet of Things Conference, April 9th 2019 held in the Cloud.
Closing Keynote – Creating the intelligent health ecosystem through data, devices and decisions

4T Ways to Better Protect Patient Data

Session Abstract: Recent high-profile attacks on healthcare organizations have highlighted the need for data security that goes far beyond simply being compliance.  Protected health information...
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Panel – Healthcare IoT Innovation

Discussion Theme:   Identifying best practice demonstrations and most promising future opportunities Speakers: Moderator: Christopher Caen – Editor at Readwrite Panellists: Vishal Gupta – General Manager (Engineering,...
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Panel – Healthcare IoT in Action

Discussion Theme:  Real world applications within an acute care setting Speakers: Moderator: Sulaiman Sulaiman – CIO, Chief Consulting Officer at imethods Panellists: Tom Bianculli – CTO at...
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